Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gaming Hangover

One very good thing about gaming is that I drink less alcohol than I normally would, simply because I am more often driving home afterwards. Because I am invariably rushing to get to a gaming appointment at 7 after arriving home at 6, I sometimes skip dinner and so I'm eating less as well. Then after we finish at 11 or 11:30 or so, I drive home and grab a G&T and surf the web for a while until I've got that game of Rheinlander out of my head and am able to sleep, resulting in bed at about 1am or so. So I'm sleeping less as well. Is this good for me? It can't be much worse than sitting around drinking beer watching TV I suppose. I have had a couple of mornings where I just did not want to get out of bed, but due to my Circadian rhythms being firmly committed to going to work I haven't had much choice. Goddam Circads, whatever they are!

So here's the story of the week - Wednesday night Monsters Menace America & Betrayal at House on the Hill & The Great Dalmuti; Thursday night Rheinlander & Trias & the less said about Frank's Zoo the better; Friday night Hoity Toity & Fearsome Floors & Cartagena & Nodwick; Saturday was Dungeons and Deagons 2 which deserves its own article. Cartagena has rushed to the top of my most-played-this-year list with 11 plays so far, and I think I need a rest from it for a moment. Rheinlander and Trias have been the highlights of the week - pity I came second in both of those :-(.

I wandered out to the LGS on Friday and bought Bluff, and we've played it 4 times already since then. It's not an earth-shatteringly good game, but it is a *great* filler. The components are all plastic so you can even play it while you're eating. Just be careful which cup you sip from and which you shake.


mikey said...

Your Wednesday contrasts with mine, even with the same venue.
Monsters Menace America
Betrayal at House on the Hill
The Great Dalmuti


Happy Dog
Cosmic Encounter
Geschenckt (very interesting)
The Great Dalmuti.

I enjoy Arsehole (the cardgame, not recreationally, not that there is anything wrong with that), and I find both Frank's zoo and Dalmuti pretty much to be rip-offs of it. That said, I like Frank's Zoo enough to buy it.

Friendless said...

Geschenkt is an amazing game for such simple rules. The Great Dalmuti is a fun game... them's kiss of death words, them. I liked Frank's Zoo enough to buy it as well, it just hasn't turned up yet.