Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Top 10 Disparities

(a sequel to Crazy Crazy Man)

Aldie has implemented a new way of calculating averages at BGG, resulting in my top 10 disparities (between my ratings and the 'geek's) being wildly readjusted. It's getting late, but I can't resist bagging a few of these games again.

Taboo - my rating 1.0, BGG 5.54 - this is the sort of game that makes all your friends look stupid. It also rewards people whose mouth works without input from their brain. I hate it. I hate most games where people shout endlessly.

Cranium - my rating 2.0, BGG 5.92 - it's a prerequisite to play this gane that you are very very drunk and very very stupid. Or so it has seemed to me when I have played it.

Poker - my rating 3.0, BGG 6.89 - Guys, if you have to bet money to make it interesting, it's a BORING game. Flop, river, don't give a rat's rectum, this is dull. Let's make a world series of Euphrat & Tigris, now *that* would be exciting.

Pictionary - my rating 2.0, BGG 5.86 - Hey, everybody in the world can't draw. Let's make a game where they're required to do that! Hey, everybody in the world, you're STUPID.

Maginor - my rating 2.0, BGG 5.70 - the kid and I played half a game of this once. Luckily the phone rang and interrupted us. It was just Rock Paper Scissors over and over. Dull dull dull. I own 13 Knizia games, this is not in the same class as any of them. I would rather eat the box than play the game.

MindTrap - my rating 1.0, BGG 4.55 - at least BGG agrees it's a pretty bad game. I reckon I can answer 80-90% of the questions before they're even finished being asked. Optimal strategy for me would be to never roll the dice, just answer one question after another. That's really boring for my opponents, so I play suboptimally to keep them happy. Not a game.

Magic: The Gathering - my rating 4.0, BGG 7.29 - I really think I'm being quite fair. I just don't find it interesting. The rules lawyering completely kills it for me.

Mystery of the Abbey - my rating 10.0, BGG 6.79 - Bruno rocks, everyone else is wrong.

Stock Market Game - my rating 3.0, BGG 6.20 - How long since you played the game? When I was a kid (say, 25 years ago) I might have rated this above a 6. It has not aged well. The kid loves it.

500 - my rating 4.0, BGG 7.09 - Call me a magpie, but I don't much like games played with normal cards. Horrible weird things that they are. When I play this again I might improve my rating.

Good night.

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Ryan Walberg said...

"Guys, if you have to bet money to make it interesting, it's a BORING game."

Thanks, I've gotten to use this quote twice now.

I'd like to elaborate with "heck, you can make a toothpick race interesting by betting money on it."