Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Here! It's Here! (part 1 of 6)

I have been waiting on 6 parcels from places all over the world, and one finally arrived yesterday. It was C&C Ancients from GMT Games. I have started reading the rule book, and stared in amazement and trepidation at all the wooden blocks and stickers, and I'm very excited about it. Not sure where to get an opponent from at the moment, as the kid refuses to play "Memoir without miniatures" and Cyberkev doesn't like war themes. I'm hoping I can find someone at BIG - they play DBA, they might go for this. Nevertheless I went to the GMT site again today and preordered the expansion. Too many options never hurt anyone.

The other parcels I'm waiting for are:
* Settlers & Runebound expansions, from Boulder Games
* Return of the Heroes, from Boulder Games
* Frank's Zoo, from Milsims
* T-shirts from Meeple People
* PitchCar, from Robbirob


Ozvortex said...

I love that feeling of anticipation. You've ordered the game, you know it's coming, but you don't know when. With international orders it's often hard to get a guaranteed ETA so you've got a rough idea it should arrive around 'the week of such-and-such'. You're so eager to play the game that you've read every article and every forum post on relating to it. You've clicked on all the images of the game in the BGG photo section, drooling and thinking "soon, soon you will be mine...". That feeling...sorta like waiting for Xmas morning. Well, that's how I feel when I order games anyway...

Well, I'm excited for you. In fact, reading your post about wondering where you'll find an opponent for C&C Ancients I felt myself doing a mental Arnold Horschack impersonation "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!"

I hereby volunteer to play C&C Ancients with you. (Ooh!)

mikey said...

Yeah, looks like a good game. I've got plenty of memories of watching fat hairy men with builder's cracks playing ancients games that take 5 hours per turn. That was at LOTNA, which is now apparently LXG? Anyway, it used to be at the Milton Tennis clubhouse, then at the serbian club.

I like the idea of Richard Borg Designing, and this does look cool as well:

What I don't like, however, is ordering Frank's Zoo off Milsims when you are still waiting for it. I'm also waiting for Santiago and through the desert. I'm more of an immediate gratification type of bloke, none of this delay malarky. Of course, a little light reading on everything about a pending game doesn't hurt as well.

Aren't you a little young for a "welcom back kotter" reference Wayne?

Ozvortex said...

Ha! I wish I was a little young for a 'Welcome Back, Kotter' reference. I'm only 38 though.

That picture Mikey posted showing the C&C Ancients blocks compared to the Age of Mythology figures makes me wonder why GMT didn't go with miniatures. I like miniatures...

You know what Friendless is doing right now? I bet you he's affixing unit labels to 345 wooden blocks. I think you need to put a label on both sides of the blocks so that's 690 stickers.

Friendless - beware the hazard of Repetitive Strain Injury!

mikey said...

How long before you think "F*ck it, Hannibal can make do with infantry, I can't face those elephant stickers."

38? You're holding your age well.

Friendless said...

Actually I've been out 3 nights in a row playing games. I have managed to read the rules to C&CA though. I guess I will have to do the stickers tomorrow. Maybe just a couple tonight, since BGG has rejected me.