Friday, February 23, 2007

In the Interests of Unbiased Journalism

I got home yesterday and the lovely Scrabblette had cooked me dinner and put Jambo on the games table. I've only played Jambo twice previously with the kid and it seemed like it had potential but it also seemed like the kid didn't want to play it again. I had to install a new DVD burner in my home PC and upgrade the Linux on it (the old burner couldn't read the installation DVD :-( ) so I did that quickly and surprisingly easily and we settled down to Jambo.

Scrabblette started by not coping at all with the limitations of the market stand and was going backwards for a while. She seemed to be trying to win by gaining 1 gold per turn by not using her last two actions. I got three utility cards into play quickly, but she killed the best one (one gold for one card) with a crocodile. I was left with stupid drums that let me trade a ware for a card and a tiger statue that let me buy a ware for 2 gold. The tiger statue was very handy when I could find an appropriate wares card. Scrabblette got a Supplies utility into play (draw cards until you find a wares card) which was very useful to her. I had a handy lead which evaporated when she bought 6 and sold 6 wares in the same turn. With careful trading we were both within striking range of finishing the game.

Finally Scrabblette announced she had reached 62 gold. I had 50 gold, and one more turn. As her last action, Scrabblette played a psychic who looks at the top 5 cards of the draw pile and keeps one and replaces the others. I had lots of wares and one card to sell 3 of them for 12 gold, so I needed to make one more sale to win the game (ties are resolved in favour of the first person to exceed 60). I spent 4 actions drawing cards but couldn't find a wares card to make a sale. I made my sale, got to 62, and Scrabblette won the game on the tiebreaker. Then she told me that the psychic had taken a wares card which I could have used... so the psychic won the game for her. Well played, but arrgh!

Umm, as I write this I realise I could have won the game. Can you see how?


Ryan Walberg said...

You could have taken only 3 actions and gotten 1 gold to win. :)

Friendless said...

Yup :-(.

Sludge said...

You damned board-gaming freaks. In a just world I could come around to your house and beat you up. Freaks.