Thursday, February 22, 2007

They Have Some Really Good German Games In Germany (Part 4)

Paradux - this is an interesting 2 player abstract which uses apparently the same pieces as GIPF. Your aim is to get 4 of your balls in a row. However whenever you move a piece, you must move an adjacent opponent's piece as well. I have GIPF, so I suppose I can try it out.

Piraten, Planken & Peseten - Another pirate game about walking the plan which comes with a cute little pirate ship. I don't care how you play it, that is just *too cool*.

Popeln - A 2 to 4 player card game about picking your nose. The BGG description says "The best picker is the one who optimally uses length, width and angle to fish out the fattest boogers". How can I go past that?

Spinnentwist - A 2 player abstract about male spiders trying to cross a spider web to mate with a female spider without getting eaten. Don't I know the feeling, buddy. It seems to be an abstract with a great theme.

Sputnik - A Gigamic game with even cooler bits than all the other Gigamic games I'm already in love with. Apparently we're trying to blast off our rockets and avoid black holes and big bangs and stuff. The rockets are so cool... and I trust Gigamic to make a decent game.

Subulata - Another 2 player abstract about being grasshoppers. Maybe something like Hive with a board? I just noticed a lot of these games are abstracts - luckily my attraction to abstract games coincides with "games that have no text and so can be bought from Germany".

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