Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Martijn van Steenbergen is Awesome!

In response to my earlier article about Quoridor, Martijn van Steenbergen left a comment pointing me to his downloadable Java implementation:

I downloaded it and confused myself with the controls. I couldn't figure out how to place walls where I wanted, and then I discovered I needed to right-click and I just didn't feel comfortable with the targetting. Martijn agreed it wasn't as intuitive as he hoped, so I wrote some new wall-placing code and sent it to him. Martijn has now integrated that code with his implementation, and it works just like I'd want it to. So you should all download it and play it.

The computer opponent is pretty good. I've only managed to beat it once. With a few plays I should be a seasoned Quoridor player and then the challenge is to write a new AI. Cool...


Martijn said...

Thank you for the praise! :-) Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. It's very rewarding to know that someone is actually playing with and enjoying software I wrote.

Have you tried Pylos? It's another abstract board game from Gigamic, and it's very nice as well. My gut feeling tells me writing a good AI for that game should be easier than for Quoridor, especially because your brain intially needs some training to get used to the weird yet elegant rules, and a computer naturally has no problem 'getting used' to weirdness. However, the presentation, due to its 3D nature, is going to be a challenge.

Friendless said...

No, I haven't got Pylos yet. I haven't even seen a copy. I think I will get Skybridge next because I know the FLGS has it.