Wednesday, February 07, 2007

They Have Some Really Good German Games In Germany (Part 1 of More Than 1)

I had a bit of a blogging drought in the middle of January, and it's not all due to Scrabblette's return. What happened was that I visited Magnus Spiele's website and resolved to check out every game in their catalogue. Wow, what a lot of games they have in Germany! If I ever see another 10 minute memory game about bunny rabbits from Haba I think I'll throw up! But I made a list of all the games I was interested in buying, and there were only 67 of them. So if anyone has 1300 Euro to spare, please let me know. I need to tell you about some of the really cool ones I found.

Akaba is a children's dexterity game. Each player's piece is a magic carpet, and you use an air pump to blow the pieces around the board. How cool is that?! I should get that to play with my son and niece and nephew, just as soon as we've played all the other games I bought to play with them. Only 20 Euros!

Aztec is a beautiful 2 or 3 player abstract strategy game. It seems to be something like Rumis but with even nicer pieces. Only 50 Euros! I guess the pieces are very very nice.

Bunte Runde is a very pretty game which seems to be a sort of kids' version of Tutankhamun. I didn't like Tutankhamun, but I'd give Bunte Runde a go. Only 11 Euro!

Buzzle (also known as Runes) is a game where you deduce words based on the shapes of the letters which make them up. I like word games, so I'd like to try it out. Only 12,50 Euro!

That's enough for today - more fascinating German games when I get time.


Melissa said...

Like you, I am far from immune to the appeal of Akaba.

I have heard good things about Bunte Runde.

Iain Cheyne said...

Akaba was one of the most popular games I saw played at Essen. Kids loved it.

Kevin S. O'Brien said...

Akaba was amusing to play once, but it really is a game for kids. But that seems to be what you're looking for.

Buzzle is designed by the same guys that designed Cosmic Encounter and Dune. They published it as Runes decades ago. It's just "OK" - unlike Cosmic Encounter and Dune, which are most excellent.

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