Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've Gone and Done It Now

After several years of consideration, I just went and bought the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 core rule books. I think I've been thinking about this for about 5 years. When this started I read the System Reference Documentation, and designed a high-level module. Then I got involved in Neverwinter Nights for about a year and a half and played LOTS of that. Of course I had several more ideas for modules. Now even the wonders of board gaming have been unable to stop me thinking about D&D, and as the kid seems keen to play I've finally bought the books. I expect we'll play at some stage, but even if I just read the books and dream about the adventures I could have in theory, I'll be happy.


The said...

I don't know if you ever played AD&D with the earlier rules. The new 3.5 D20 system is a vast improvement to the system. There are more ways to customize characters, and everything is much more streamlined. There's very little table lookup required.

jwalduck said...

Whenever I hear someone say D&D 3.5 is a vast improvement over previous versions of that system I think "True. Now instead of it being as painful as having all your fingers broken one by one, it is only as painful as having the fingers on one hand broken one by one."

Yes my bias is showing.

If you really want to get into role playing I can suggest systems much better than the throwback to the 1970s that is D&D.

GURPS: Yes you heard me. Its a universal system that lets you play anything you can think up. Unlike D&D's universal system that lets you play any version of Lord of the Rings you can think up. You also get all the rules in one book.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying: "You start out as gods. Then you get better." Posterchild for role-play over roll-play. All the rules you need are in one book. If you want to go wild you can buy the one other book in the system.

Exalted: If you are more likely to be reading the book than playing the game why not get something with a really cool setting and history. The Storyteller system is much more streamlined than 3.5 even after Exalted 2nd Ed increased its crunchiness (tm). All of this in one book, that's right, complete rules of the game AND a rich setting in one book.

Battlelore: Lets face it D&D was created by wargamers the its heritage shows. Just submit to the Borg.

I'm dizzy. I think I need to lie down.

Friendless said...

I played AD&D from about 1982 till 1986. We were indeed more "roll players" than "role players", but we had a heck of a good time. I really like the D&D milieu, and I'm not interested in role-playing science fiction or vampires or modern day or anything else. Lord of the Rings is fine! Maybe my role-playing tastes will mature, but if the campaign the kid and I develop is anything like what we used to do, he'll love it.

PiB said...

Good on ya. I still have 3 of the Advanced D&D books dating from sometime in the 80's. At some point the company decided two simultaneous versions of D&D wasn't a good idea.