Friday, February 09, 2007

They Have Some Really Good German Games In Germany (Part 3)

Gezanke auf der Planke - This is a game about pirates not wanting to have a bath, because it seems the traditional way for pirates to have a bath is to walk the plank. The bits look very cute, and it reminds me a lot of the kids not wanting to have a shower.

Hexago - An old abstract game which looks like 3-player 5-in-a-row. It's very ugly but I'm interested in how well it works.

Kayanak - A cute kids' game from Haba in which the players are fishing through ice. The ice is represented by a sheet of A4 paper which you actually punch holes through. What a cute idea!

Kippit - This seems to be some sort of balancing game similar to Hamsterrolle but with a seesaw instead. Why would I need it? I don't know - you can't ever have too many beautiful dexterity games, can you?

Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg (Coach Ride to Devil's Castle) - A hidden role game with teams and traitors and a cool spooky theme that takes from 3 to 10 players? Yes, I think so. The art work reminds me of an illustrated edition of Dracula. My want-list is more bloated than my belly...

Letra-Mix - You have some dice with letters on, and a timer. Roll the dice and make words before the time runs out. Really sounds like my sort of game.

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Friendless said...

Here's a BGN review of Die Kutschfahrt zue Teufelsburg (did I spell that right?).