Thursday, February 08, 2007

They Have Some Really Good German Games In Germany (Part 2)

More games from the Magnus-Spiele catalogue.

Chinagold - this is a two player abstract that looks very pretty and that I'd really like to try. Only 26 Euro! Must be real gold, I guess.

Digit - is an older game where you draw cards that have stick patterns, and you have to adjust your current stick pattern to match what's on the card. Maybe something like Make'n'Break in Flatland? Only 9 Euro.

Dschamál - those wacky Germans are at it again with this one! You have a bag of bits. Two players simultaneously put their hands in the bag and try to find the bits they need. There's a camel-shaped bit and some other shapes and colours and you get points depending on the set you collect. Sounds interesting in the same way as Bamboleo and Bausack. For 25 Euro I expect the camel will clean up after itself.

Fragile - I'm a sucker for nice bits, and this game has got me sucked in Big Time. It's gorgeous. It's about dock workers in Shanghai pushing boxes around. I just can't stop looking at the photos. Only 44 Euro, but oh, so pretty!

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Yehuda said...

This is a nice series. Keep it up.